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Gema, one of the leading names over the years in Manganese ore, strives to continuously improve its quality to produce the best manganese ore to its customers around the world.

Manganese ore is an important element that often combines with iron and other minerals to achieve maximum strength, particularly in Stainless Steel.  The designated symbol is Mn. It has the atomic  number 25. 

God has picked NTT, Indonesia for us as the manganese ore here has one the highest grades in the world.  Gema currently has four mining sites with all the proper documents to mine and export our goods.

Gema understands the importance of community and environment.  We are working with the local churches and schools to improve the living standards of the people in NTT, teaching them the right way to recover the land by planting proper trees.

History of Company :

18 Dec. 2010

Started Manganese Business in NTT
Obtained full Permission for Mining of Manganese (KP Exploration
Pengangkutan/Penjualan) in Kefamenanu
Obtained Permission for Mining of Manganese (IUP Exploration) in Kefamenanu, NTT


Survey Report by Australian Geo-logistic